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Risk contract


Conclusion of a Risk Contract. In the past, PTS, now called PTS Drilling Services, with its vast experience in high-viscosity oil production technologies, entered into a Risk-Contract on August 13, 2019 with JSC Dzharkurganneft on intensification of hydrocarbon production. After conducting research by our team, a solution was found to extract high-viscosity oil in difficult conditions, using eccentric screw pumps of European origin with a high quality standard.



Speed ​​Record, 14 days of drilling - 2,500 meters In the framework of the “Bit Service” project, using a high-quality bit from world manufacturers over the past month, more than 2,500 meters were drilled at the Kultak-Kamashinsky Investment Block of the Khujum field, well No. 9, which in turn proves the professionalism of our team, as well as efficiency and literacy selection of the required type of drilling tools to obtain this result. Thus, we are pleased to inform you that thanks to the qualified approach of our specialists, a record was set for the speed of clean drilling - 2,500 meters were drilled in 14 full calendar days!

Efficiency 8000 p / m


Up to date, work is underway on the bit service in three exploratory wells at the Khujum and Chigil fields of the Kultak-Kamashinsky block, where the performance indicator is more than 8,000 p / m.

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