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Work with PTS Drilling Services 

PTS is one of the leading service companies, 
whose specialists in an alliance with Schlumberger had experience working in the most important facilities of the oil and gas industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
 The presence of their managerial and production resources, reliance on their own highly qualified personnel, 
the use of advanced technologies and engineering solutions from the company “Schlumberger", these are the components of the success
 of society in the provision of service and production services in the oil and gas sector of the country.

The company pays due attention to compliance with environmental safety, environmental protection.

A modern approach to work, competencies and a focus on results allow PTS to contribute to the development of the most important industry for Uzbekistan.

At present, PTS is involved in the development of gas wells of Uzbekneftegaz JSC, Epsilon development LLC in Uzbekistan, in terms of the provision of bit services, as well as hydraulic fracturing services.

Purposeful employer

We create conditions that reflect the values ​​of our Company, and encourage diversity among employees. We invest in creating an environment where cooperation and well-being are valued. This is very important for the long-term success of our Business.

Development for all

We are convinced that all employees should be encouraged to develop their personal abilities and professional skills and try to provide them with everything necessary to unleash their potential, achieve their goals and career growth. Our Corporate Culture motivates people to learn, grow and think creatively. We believe that a clear vision of the goal and personal motivation of a person help him to develop. Therefore, we provide our employees with professional education and development programs, trainings, opportunities for short-term or permanent work abroad, as well as the solution of important tasks that affect business development.

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